Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deep Perceptions

My deep perceptions create my real life.

The deep perceptions of everyone I know create their real life.

The deep perceptions of everyone I don’t even know all over the planet, create their real life.


The more I read and study about our own influence on our individual lives, the more I realize how important our own thoughts and actions are.

I want to be part of a “real” culture of kindness.

I want to provide “real” value by what I create.

I think we are all tired of harassment by the media for purposes of advertisement for products, politics, educational fixes, physiological and health phenomena.

What are our own deep feelings about?

How are they directing us?

Do we even have an idea of how to listen for them?

What does that feel like?

After a rigorous program of reading and study to rebuild the direction of my life, I can say that it is worth learning how to listen within.

All of our resources lie there.

When we feel our deep and peaceful connection within, all the ideas we need come to us.

It may be a simple direction to go to a certain place for an unknown reason, and there we find an element or run into a person who helps us take the next step with what we are creating.

It may be a deeper sense of peace about an emotional relationship.

It may be to fulfill a deep yearning to be of service.

Whatever it is, after this period of quiet and watchful silence, things happen.

They connect.

They lead to a better and higher and more uplifted sense of living and being.

It happens over time and with practice.

Then it happens all the time.

I grow more and more unwilling to sacrifice my time and efforts to anything but this direction from a deep sense of purpose.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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