Friday, February 21, 2014

Truly Following

When I truly follow my heart, my business expands.

When everyone I know truly follow their heart, their business expands.

When everyone I don’t even know all over the world truly follows their heart, their business expands.


An immense feeling of freedom and flow happens when I truly follow my heart.

New ideas come, and even old ideas which were stalled take on a new character and life.

I trust myself.

I appreciate myself.

I love investing in myself when I truly follow my heart.

No one else has exactly the same expression.

The feeling that is mine is strictly my own.

The ideas which take form from my expression are unique to me.

They have their own special clientele for whom they were created.

Two people with exactly the same business will have a slightly different feel to each one    and it will appeal to a unique clientele as well.

Trust yourself as you listen to the thoughts and ideas that come to you.

The one that comes up the most is your true direction.

Do not worry how it will come about.

Your job is to receive the idea.

Appreciate it.

As you invest in your appreciation , the steps will open up for you.

Do not try to direct your steps.

Just follow up on the ones that come to you from the same place that the idea came from.

Then you will be truly following your heart.

Your work is to listen and follow.

It took me a few years to refine this process, since I kept trying to develop the ideas that came to me.

Once I realized that my job was to learn to listen to nothing else but the guidance from within, I was able to follow the steps that came to me from within and to see my business manifest itself.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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