Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Original Peace Within

I am drawn to my original peace within.

Everyone I know is drawn to their original peace within.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the planet, is drawn to their original peace within.


With all the rush, and chaos and fear being put forth in the media, it is important to go within and to find peace.

The peace that is within is individual and original.

It guides us in our everyday action when we listen for it.

I am learning to stay away from sources of disturbance and despair and to listen within for the guidance to take care of any situation in my life.

I know that calmness promotes freedom and creativity.

It lets us be in tune with the source of our health, our wealth, and is our wisdom.

New ideas comes to us which we have not heard elsewhere.

Or we are drawn to ideas which we had not known about before.

We can learn a different definition of lies and truth.

The kind of life we life depends on how we interpret what is around us.

When we go deeper, it depends on what we create for ourselves from our deep nature.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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