Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Choose to Celebrate

I choose to celebrate ownership and growth.

Everyone I know chooses to celebrate ownership and growth.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet chooses to celebrate ownership and growth.


In writing a new Birthday Theme, I realized that I am celebrating growth and ownership.

It is my continuing character development that is so exciting with each new year.

I am able to see challenges in completely different terms.

Instead of me having to figure out solutions to survive and take care of my family, I am able to listen within for all the answers.

Instead of fighting to get my ideas in place, I am learning how to simply release them.

As I contemplate my next trip around the sun, I am free to choose how I look at things.

I freely attract more people of uplifting tendencies.

I have friends and associates purely on the basis of our continuing desire to uplift and contribute to society and civilization.

I can and do have an important effect in my own life.

Those who are touched by my books and materials participate in my uplifting view and add to it.

I can contribute to growth and development and awareness and watch out for negative reactions and eliminate those causes from my life. 

I choose a Higher Cause and Higher Power.

I like how I am growing when I acknowledge those laws.

I celebrate the life I am creating for myself and take ownership of how my life contributes to the lives of others.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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