Monday, June 17, 2013

The Infinity of Me

The infinity of me is a blessing.

The infinity of everyone I know is a blessing.

The infinity of everyone I don’t even know all over the planet, is a blessing.


It turns out that infinity is available to everyone.

We have to look at things differently.

What are the things that are infinite in our lives?

How can we become aware of them?

What kinds of things do we want to be infinite in our lives?

What do we want to perpetuate forever?





When we begin to embrace more kindness in our lives toward others, we begin the practice of the infinite.

More compassion embraces the infinite.

Understanding goes a long way towards peace, which is also infinite as you learn how to practice it.

Forgiveness.  Start with yourself and let your practice expand from there.

And then begins the discovery.

What will kindness bring into your experience?

Compassion?  Understanding?  Forgiveness?

What will these bring into your life?

Take each thought, each memory, as it comes to you and set aside your old reaction.

Look at it differently.

With kindness, compassion, understanding, forgiveness.

Look at it with one of those viewpoints.

How would it be different for you?

Can you see another conclusion is you look at it differently?

Does it open another possibility?

You see, I have found an open door and no one can shut it ever again.

I can look at the past with different eyes, and that is giving me a new future.

I now have a future of infinity.

My past no longer limits me.

I live my life of infinity every day with every thing I do.

It is my invitation to you, too.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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