Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gentle Breaths, Gentle Steps

I am taking gentle breaths and gentler steps.

Everyone I know is taking gentle breaths and gentler steps.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet is taking gentle breaths and gentler steps.
Despite the harsh pressure and competition we are presented with all the time in the media and on the highway, I am becoming gentler with myself.

I am taking the time to figure things out, instead of just doing the way I am told.

I appreciate learning what is behind what I am doing, the method, the science, the art.

Before, I was just a really good imitator.  I was a quick study, too.  A very rewardable combination in the pressure and competition kind of world.

But now, I am trying out some new things for myself.

I love finding out what makes them work.

I love crafting something new for myself.

And I am finding out I don’t learn like I used to.  I still take it all in very quickly, but I am training my hands to do completely different operations than they are used to.

I am training my eyes to see with a completely different vocabulary than they are used to.

I am learning lots of new skills, and some of them are not quick for me.

I appreciate that.

I appreciate getting a new perspective along with a new vocabulary.

I feel so refreshed as I take my time.

I have time to try out different combinations of elements.  I can see how they work together.  I can try again.  I can change the combinations of elements and see the differences.

This is a gentler way to live and work.

It takes my needs into consideration.

It lets me explore and develop my art.

The art of life is gentler than the competitive approach to living.

I encourage everyone to find the gentle breaths and gentle steps for yourself.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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