Monday, July 1, 2013

Breathing in Safety

I take my first deep breath in safety for myself.

I take my second deep breath in safety for everyone I know.

I take my third deep breath in safety for everyone I don’t even know all over the planet.


Safety in its deepest sense is a given, and it cannot be taken away.

But we don’t believe that because we experience danger and threats all the time.

It may be a traffic situation.

It may be war.

It may be poverty.

But the solutions all start within.

Breathe in to the deepest, most quiet place within yourself.

Sit there.

Just listen.


Feel the depth of your breath resonating throughout your whole body.

Feel the peace.

As you exhale, let that deep peace fill the space around you.

Do this many times and let the peace fill the space around you until it overflows.

Then, as you move about in your day, you have this bubble of peace surrounding you wherever you go.

When you need to refresh it, take the time to sit quietly and breathe in to that deep, quiet place within you until you feel it resonating all over your body.

Let it overflow.

People who are looking for a peaceful feeling will find you, interact with you, be attracted to you.

Your breath of safety and quiet and peace will add to their day as they add to yours.

Those who need it most may require you to sit quietly many times throughout your day to regain your peace.

But you can do it.

Through your breathe of safety, you will begin to create a more consistent atmosphere of peace around you, one which other people can feel.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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