Monday, November 5, 2012

Peace in What I Do

Despite what I see around me, I can find my peace in what I do.

Despite what everyone I know sees abound them, they can find their peace in what they do.

Despite what everyone I don’t know all over the planet sees around them,  they, too, can find their peace in what they do.

When I focus on what I am here to do and then do it, I find my peace.

It doesn’t matter what is going right or what is going wrong in the rest of the world, I can still find my peace.

When I do that, I am actually contributing to the peace of the world instead of magnifying the crisis or corruption that appears outwardly.

I know that other people feel it when I am deeply at peace.

I see situations calm down around me and become more settled.

When we increase our peace, we are increasing the peace of the world.

Since that is a more restful and happy state, people naturally gravitate toward it when they feel it.

They want more of it and will seek to create it more and more in their own lives.

The key is remaining as deeply peaceful as it is possible to do and letting that sense be felt.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

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