Monday, October 15, 2012

What I Do Today


After watching some excellent videos about the state of our economy and where we are all headed, this is my response to changing our world.

Through what I do today, I can bless everyone and every situation I think about.

Through what they do today, everyone I know can bless everyone and every situation  they think about.

Through what they do today, everyone I don’t even know all over the planet, can bless everyone and every situation  they think about.

What I do today and every day is motivated and governed by my thoughts and beliefs about things.

Since I view everyone as precious, I want to see them in a good light.

I support their ability to follow through on the ideas they are receiving to do good.

Despite the selfish and greedy climate of thinking around us in the world today, we can be a powerful chain of islands that are the mountain tops from an unbroken underwater mountain range.

Our thinking is thoroughly grounded in the belief and practice that resources are infinite.

Every day, we release ideas which bless and uplift others.

These ideas turn into business which uplift and bless others.

Since our business ideas are coming from an Infinite Source, they are not subject to fluctuations of “the market”.

We are “the market”.

Our ideas  attract the clients who can profit the most from them, who find our ideas a blessing to them.

Our ideas interact and serve the folks who need and appreciate them the most and find them the most valuable.

I am thrilled that you are releasing your ideas into the marketplace.

I am thrilled at your soul’s expression of itself.

And I am equally thrilled at the results these are bringing you.

Interacting with each others’ businesses produces the most blessings and enables us to live better than supporting society’s limited idea of who we are and where we belong.

Thank you for what you do today.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

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