Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Own Peace

I am breathing deeply into my own peace.

Everyone I know is breathing deeply into their own peace.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the world, is breathing deeply into their own peace.


My own peace comes from within.

I am alert to what is not peaceful in my life, and I can replace it.

It is remarkable to me that I have been able to learn how to do this.

Thanks to the wonderful authors and workshop leaders who have shared their experiences and techniques.

So now, I, too, can turn inward to my very core and find the light and joy, and harmony, and peace which is there always.

It is like an undisturbed cavern which is always accessible to me.

Even in caves which are open to the public for tours, the temperature is always about 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, in my mental recesses, there is always light, harmony, peace within.

I can quiet my thought, either with deep breaths, or by remembering a loving phrase about myself.

I can turn to what is good and true about me, from my Source.

Then I am connected to my peace.

It overflows me and spills into the world around me.

Everyone and everything that is brought into contact with me comes through that peace, as long as I maintain it and every time I turn to it.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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