Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wonderful Day

I am having a wonderful day today.

Everyone I know is having a wonderful day today.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the world, is having a wonderful day today.


I am listening for the wonderful ideas that come to me when I go “within”.

I know that when I quiet all the noise around me, I find calm and deep peace.

Each and every day contains ideas which uplift and benefit society and civilization.

I can listen for those or I can listen to the news and media harassment.

I prefer the uplifting ideas that are available.

When I align myself with wonderful uplifting ideas, I have a wonderful day.

I take steps to improve myself.

I write children’s musical books.  (

I follow through on projects.

I meet with good and uplifting friends.

I read books by inspired authors.

I cook delicious food.

Today is one more wonderful day in which I can give and then receive.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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