Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace and Calm

I have the ability to establish peace and calm for myself.

Everyone I know has the ability to establish peace and calm for themselves.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the world has the ability to establish peace and calm for themselves.


Since the atmosphere we are living in is anything but peaceful and calm some of the time, or even a lot of the time, it has been very beneficial and powerful for me to discover how to establish my own peace and calm.

I am learning to look within.

When I go within and listen just for the thoughts that are doming to me from within, I find that they are calm and peaceful.

It may take a while to quiet my thought and to shut out all the noise and familiar past emotions,  but when I do, I find the peace within.

My path to this process was slow, but I did not like the alternative.

So I kept listening.

I found out a whole new direction for my life.

I found that, although it is hard, I am able to let go of past negative memories.

I am learning to appreciate the shock of triggers which sometimes release the past, despite the horrible discomfort, because it shows me the contrast with the way I am living now.

In war torn situations, whether physically on the ground or mental or emotional war zones, there is a place where we can find our peace and calm.

The quiet from within is a sure guide.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage


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