Friday, April 4, 2014

My Friend

I am a good friend to myself.

I am a good friend to everyone I know.

I am a good friend to everyone I don’t even know all over the planet.


It is amazing and delightful to think of myself as having so many good friends that I don’t even know who they all are.

Now that I am learning how to be generous to myself and to others, I can be a better friend.

The same way that others do not know what I am facing, I realize that I do not know what they are facing.

We all have issues that we are working on.

They have come to us because we are in a position to find the solutions.

Since we are here to live generously and to uplift ourselves and others, we can be more compassionate, more understanding, more thoughtful.

That is the best friendship that can be offered.

Solutions come to all of us when we are able to go within and listen for them.

Just listening is the best way to find a deep calm center to our being.

Since we are here and now, the solutions are here and now.

Knowing this for ourselves and for everyone else helps calm the world down a little bit.

The more we each contribute our sense of generosity and compassion when we hear of a problem, the more we are supporting those who are in the middle of it all to find a deep peace and calm right there.

That way we are helping them listen for the solutions that are theirs, right here and now also.

That is a most wonderful and generous friendship.

One of the ways I share the ideas of friendship is through my musical work with very young children.  Here is a link to my Theme, “Friendship”.  It has a Chant, a Fingerplay and a song.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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