Friday, November 8, 2013

What I Want to Hear

What I want to hear is the best news about me.

What everyone I know wants to hear is the best news about themselves.

What everyone I don’t even know all over the planet wants to hear, is the best news about themselves.


The messages we usually hear about ourselves is that we don’t have enough, we are not smart enough, we are unhealthy, we are late, poor, behind, bad managers, and messy.

Most of the loudest messages coming from the outside are advertising, which is designed to make us feel unworthy and to want things that will make us feel better.

Many of the loudest messages coming from inside us are the habits of a lifetime, what we picked up from the attitudes around us at home, school, and now, work.

I have discovered the best way to feel better, and it doesn’t come from acquiring anything from the outside.

It doesn’t come from coping with the results of the negative attitudes of a lifetime, either.

It is a simple replacement exercise.

I learned that I could choose the things I think about.

As I looked at what I was thinking about, it wasn’t so positive.

It was all based on the past.

When I learned I could invent the future for myself, it was a revelation!

Because of the continuing negative attitudes about what I had to give, I focused on finding my true purpose for being here.

Gradually, with insistence that I must have a reason and purpose, I began to hear a different kind of message.

As I cultivated my listening time, the message expanded to embrace what I was, and how I was to release and deliver the manifestation  of my purpose.

It all came from cultivating a habit of listening from within.

You, too, have a deep purpose and meaning for being here.

You, too can hear the messages from within which will allow you to fulfill that purpose.

You, too, can hear the best news about yourself.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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