Friday, May 3, 2013

Everything From Within

Because I receive everything from within, I am never without.

Because everyone I know receives everything from within, they are never without.

Because everyone I don’t even know all over the planet receives everything from within, we are never without.


We are told that everything we need comes from what is around us.

Sometimes lack is so pronounced, it becomes poverty.

Learning to turn within to find what we need and what we are connects us to everything we could possibly need or want.

It is a redefinition of who we are.

If we are made up of the ideas which we think about and therefore draw more of this to ourselves, it is a good idea to consider thinking in different terms.

Instead of thinking we need things, it is good to consider what we have to give.

This is how I was able to transform the direction my life was heading.

I began realizing that what I had to give was my thought about everything I saw.

I could be generous instead of critical.

I could be uplifting instead of reinforcing.

I could see the person within, and give more weight to that than the appearance that was presented.

As I began writing down my ideas, I was led to take the next step.

I got instruction for how to create products from my writings on the computer.

As I asked for the next idea, the thought came to me to consider communication and distribution.

Specific ideas continue to flow leading me to take specific steps.

So when I got a computerized call soliciting me to get a business loan, I knew immediately that since I didn’t need anything from without, that I didn’t need this.

Then I thought about the documentary from  Banks get their money from us.  Why would I volunteer to give my money to a bank by getting a loan from one?

Although that is an extreme turnaround in my thought about business, I am enjoying my new business plan very much.

I love basing my business on “Everything comes from within”.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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