Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seeing Progress

I can see the progress I have been making.

Everyone I know can see the progress they have been making.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet can see the progress which they have been making.

Sometimes it does not feel like anything has changed, or that any progress has been made.

But every thought we contribute to moving forward does add up.

By seeing the need and beginning to think about it, we set it in motion.

Then there is a next step and a next.

By the time we consider the issue again, considerable progress has been made.

All that time in thought has been attracting the actions and associates needed to move it forward.

Because we think about so many things every day, we might not notice the changes that are going on.

But they are happening.

The thousand little steps that appear are powerful.

Each one, considered, moves the idea down the chain a little further.

Finally, we can see the change.

We all can see it.

Progress has been made, a bit here, a bit there.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

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