Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gratitude for Reflection

I am so grateful for time to reflect.

Everyone I know is so grateful for time to reflect.

Everyone I don’t even know is so grateful for time to reflect.


The institutional lives most of us lead leave very little time for reflection.

What reflection has done for me is to let me imagine a better way to live.

It has let me brainstorm ideas for how to uplift society and civilization.

Reflection has allowed me to compose children’s songs, fingerplays and chants according to the topics I feel are important for very young children.  www.MusicandBooksforChildren.com 

When all we seek is relief from repetitive jobs which do not require the dimension which the human mind enjoys working in, that is, the dimension of solving puzzles, we are willing to accept any kind of entertainment.

When we reflect on our purpose and how to fulfill it, we receive the gifts of inspiration which motivate us to accomplish it.

Getting up early to meditate and ready and study and reflect, opens a mental and spiritual depth and calmness which lead to fulfilling action.

Before retiring at night, filling our thoughts with the gratitude and the recognition of fulfilling ideas which our minds have been working on all day, allows us to realize we are making progress toward a different kind of life, first within, and then without.

Reflection moves us forward, very gently, very consistently, until a different ife dimension takes shape.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

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