Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Work to Complete

I am completing work that is important to me.

Everyone I know is completing work that is important to them.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the planet, is completing work that is important to them.


After years of “blooming where I was planted” and fulfilling every requirement of work and family to my greatest capacity,  I am now engaged in work that is true to my soul, my calling, my purpose.

It is still a habit to think of others first, but now it is important to listen to my soul, my calling and put that first.

I am compelled by a new nature.

I am responsive to a higher calling.

I am invested in the honor of myself.

I am honoring the Universe which sends me ideas and I am acting on them and manifesting them.

Until I act in alignment with this calling, I am unsatisfied, restless and distracted.

When I come into alignment with this purpose and take the action that comes to me, I am invigorated, happy and fulfilled.

This is my work to complete.

It is important to me.

It is the Universe calling to me and my answer.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

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