Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Feeling of Good Ideas

I love the feeling of getting good ideas.

Everyone I know loves the feeling of getting good ideas.

Everyone I don’t even know all offer the planet, loves the feeling of getting good ideas.


It is so wonderful to know that whenever I take the time to listen, the world is full of good ideas.

When I need an idea, it is there for me.

Recently, I needed ideas for a music story.

As I began writing, the ideas were so plentiful that I realized there were too many for just one story, so I moved some of the ideas to a second file.

Even with the second music story, there were enough ideas to start a third one.

I opened a third file and moved them to it.

Then I listened for more ideas to complete the third story.

I kept listening until there were enough ideas.

I am so grateful because with the three stories, children will be able to understand the concept much better.

I am learning that whatever I need, it is right where I am, right in front of me.

I have a sense of expectation now, on a regular basis.

As I remind myself of this fact, it opens up the way for me to do whatever I am involved in.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

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