Saturday, January 31, 2015

Appreciation and Recognition

I am grateful for appreciation and recognition.

Everyone I know is grateful for appreciation and recognition.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet is grateful for appreciation and recognition.


It took a long time to discover my joy and my purpose even after I gave myself permission to do so.

Once I discovered it, I began writing and designing and sewing and creating.

Many different things began to take form.

Finally, I was offered an opportunity to share some of them in a public setting.

In fact, two things were seen by two different parties and I was commissioned to produce several sets.

A few days later, another opportunity presented itself.

As I continue working on the desire and skills to express my purpose, there is appreciation and recognition for what I am doing.

For me, this has not been a fast process.

However, as I have been consistent in my desires and continued applying what I have been learning and then designing and creating from that basis, I am not beginning to see the appreciation and recognition on the outside that I have been cultivating from the inside.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

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