Monday, March 5, 2012

Loving Me

I am loving me.

I am loving you.

I am loving everyone.

Sometimes it is easier to love someone else rather than loving oneself.

But, in order to love someone else, we must first love ourselves.

That was a really difficult thing for me to do.

I had had early childhood trauma, including sexual molestation, until I was fourteen years old.

Because of wonderful spiritual tools I learned in Sunday School, I was able to function on a high level academically and musically.

The enduring trauma was buried deep and did not come out again until I was fifty years old.

Learning to deal with that and to heal took another eleven and one-half years.

I began to truly love, cherish and adore myself, bit by tiny bit.

At the same time, it worked out for me to receive help in stopping a bully in a business setting.

I was every encouraged that I could receive help and relief.

Over a longer period of time, I was harassed by a neighbor.

It became necessary for me to practice loving myself more every time I was harassed.

Finally, it became natural for me to love myself very consistently and consciously.

Then, one night, I found myself awake and led to truly love my neighbor in the way I had learned to love myself.

I feel as though I am on an entirely different life-track now, one that has nothing to do with a job or career.

It has entirely to do with my new viewpoint.

To love others as I have learned to love myself and to see that attitude spreading around me.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage

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