Monday, January 2, 2017

Specific Direction

I can determine the shape of my life through my thoughts.

Everyone I know can determine the shape of their life through their thoughts.

Everyone I don’t even know, all over the planet, can determine the shape of their life through their thoughts.


I had seen aspects of this on and off in my life, but until I applied it more consistently, I had no idea how powerful it could be.

The consistent thoughts which recur throughout our day, show us the dominant phases of our life.

In order to redirect even a small part of our life, we have to be very specific with our course correction.

General well-being is always good, but if there is a specific life-aspect we wish to improve, it must be done in a specific way.

I was guided to address anxiety attacks through steps in a book.

The steps were outlined with frequency and conditions.

When we have a desire for more friends, more service, more money, better relationships, better work conditions, we must shape our thoughts toward the end result.

The steps that come to us will be specific and effective.

In fact, we can trust these answers because they are tailored exactly for our needs, much better than a generic solution.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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