Saturday, November 26, 2016

Listening for Answers

My first deep breath is a thought of peace for myself as I listen for answers.

My second deep breath is a thought of peace for everyone I know as they listen for answers.

My third deep breath is a thought of peace for everyone I don’t even know, all over the planet, as they listen for answers.


The constant presence and harassment of the media make it hard to listen for peaceful answers.

However, turning it off and turning inward, especially on a regular basis, make it possible to hear the answers which come from the deep peace within.

As I begin to grow disturbed by what I am reading, I know how to go within in order to reestablish my peace.

No matter how bad it seems, and we are hearing a lot of bad news these days, there is always a solution.

We do not have to know what the solution is.

We just have to know there is one, in the greater Intelligence which governs the Universe.

Then, when we listen quietly for ourselves, we find those answers.

Collectively, as more and more of us listen for answers and take the steps which come to us, we are contributing to the larger answers.

We all know that compassion is far more powerful and longer lasting than hate.

We have seen it, perhaps individually, in our own lives.

We have heard other people tell us of kindness returned.

With the positive side of media presence, more of us are aware of more good things that are being done.

These always far outweigh even the big, bad stuff.

It sounds trivial and impossible, but it is easier for more people to do lots of little good things, so there are more people taking action in good ways.

This is turning the tide.

People are thinking about doing good things and doing them.

They only want others to have the same kinds of good things in their lives.

This is diluting the fear and the outrage, and building up better local and world communities.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

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