Thursday, July 21, 2016

Purity of Thought

My first deep breath is gratitude for the purity of thought I can access.

My second deep breath is gratitude for the purity of thought which everyone I know can access.

My third deep breath is for the purity of thought which everyone I don’t even know on the planet, can access.


It is so interesting to me that during this heightened time of social turmoil and election confusion, it is still possible to find a quiet inward peace.

I find that I go within to establish my peace and then I can hold it for a little while, and then I find myself reacting to some news item again.

Yes, there is outrage, unfairness, extreme turmoil.

And yes, we still have access to our deep peace within.

I am finding it necessary to revisit the inward peace that I can find often.

I feel I can do more for the state of consciousness by doing this, even as I read the next atrocity.

The thing which will last is the inward peace.

It comes from an Infinite Source.

It is always there.

When we all get to the point of preferring to live in that peace all the time, we will find it more and more in our external affairs.

We will spread the peace that comes from within simply by our attitude.

It will feel different when people talk to us.

People who are looking for that peace will see it in us and will be encouraged to practice it more for themselves.

That is a transforming effect in society.

We always have a right to be peaceful.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

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