Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Listen Within

I am so grateful I know how to listen within.

Everyone I know is so grateful to know how to listen within.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet is so grateful to know how to listen within.


Learning to simply get quiet and breathe in a relaxing manner is the first step to listening within.

It is a completely different feeling from being busy and rushed.

Taking the time to cultivate this ability is the key.

Then, as you squat paying attention to all the reminders and opinions occupying space in your mind, and simply breathe, you can hear the deep thoughts within.

These can become a habitual resource as you accustom yourself to this new feeling.

Then, as you listen for the feeling, you will start getting answers and solutions to questions which you have been carrying around.

You will find you can turn to this deep resource within for anything.

You can find your heart’s guidance there.

You can be guided and led to take steps in your own behalf toward the way you truly want to live.

You can find peaceful ways of doing things.

You can find practical inspiration.

Sitting quietly wherever you are, as you move yourself to quiet, mindful listening, you will see more peace around you, too.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

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