Saturday, March 7, 2015

Finding the Wholeness

I can feel the little pieces coming together for wholeness.

Everyone I know can feel the little pieces coming together for wholeness.

Everyone I don’t even know all over the planet can feel the little pieces coming together for wholeness.


It is always hard to see the big picture from the scale of living through all the little pieces which are necessary for something to come together.

So we take the time to do all the little pieces.

And then, after a while, a picture starts to emerge.

I know I have not been ready for something until a certain point.

At that point, I can see it.

When I was practicing my scales and all those exercises to develop technique so that I could play larger works of classical music, I could not feel all how all those tiny muscle movements would contribute.

But, hearing and feeling myself playing those pieces, I could see how the strength required could only be built by, literally, thousands and thousands of tiny repetitions.

That is how it is with life.

We build our life through thousands and thousands of tiny repetitions as we create good communication, attention to detail, a willing attitude, and all of the other attributes.

Our willingness to do this day after day, for years, is what creates the strength for our foundation.

All the little pieces must be attended to.

Each one contributes something important.

Your goal keeps you working through all the little pieces, and your understanding of strength and fluency keeps you making all those repetitions until they become automatic and you can attend to the next thing.

When all the tiny things are working together in just the right way, you meet your goal, and you experience the fulfillment that you have been building up all along the way.

It is not just a final fulfillment.

It is a fulfillment that recognizes the feeling of the strength of all the tiny pieces.

Then you have an organization that is efficient, a product line that is useful and attractive, and a workforce which is conscious.

Congratulations on your wholeness.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

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